Garden Design Services

Exquisite Landscaping provides professional garden design service. Liverpool constitutes our main area of activity but we also cover areas of Cheshire and Greater Machester. Before whole process of garden design will begin land survey is carried out  to make sure that the garden potential will be used to maximum, and to avoid any construction problems in the future. We always thoroughly plan our actions and present You our ideas clearly, in order to make sure they fit your vision of perfect garden. Our priority is to meet all our client's requirements and expectations, so You will be fully satisfied with the final project.

  • The Client Brief

    This is where all begin. The first meeting with the client it aims to collect as much information as possible - client ideas, requirements and expectation. These ideas are discussed and explored, with the Garden Designer input and interpretation of the project. Dont worry if You cant picture your dream garden-we known how dificult that is. We here to help You and we will do everything to achieve your desired garden.

  • Site Analysis

    Establishing the design brief will involve discussions about the likely uses and functions of the garden, likes and dislikes of the owner, orientation of the garden  and finally, a preparation of a wish list of plants and features to be included.

  • Presentation drawings

    Once the design brief has been agreed to, we prepare a set of two presentation drawings incorporating the outline design of the plan. This will include a scaled sketch plan, normally hand-drawn and perspective drawings.

  • 3D Visualisation (optional)

    This is a 3D virtual model up to scale showing the new garden layout, features, type of materials and plants. It can also show selected design detailing and construction detail. The garden can be viewed from many angles, showing how the design works and what you will see from key. For most  clients its very hard to visualize their dream garden and 3D design will do that for You.

  • Planting Plan (optional)

    The next stage is to prepare a detailed planting plan showing varieties of plants,numbers as well is positons and a planting schedule.

  • Master Plan

    Master Plan is a final stage of the garden design process. Complete plan that contains all the elements and specifications needed to construct your dream garden. Master Plan includes all areas,materials, details, levels, specyfications and measurements.